A Life in Orange

Sometimes marshalling really is as easy as this. (Photo Credit – Heather Roberts)

Have you ever been to a race track and wondered, “What the hell are those people dressed in orange actually doing?” Well if you follow this blog you may actually get an insight into what really goes on.

Those people in Orange aren’t just there to pick up the pieces if it all goes wrong. Not one bit; these guys give up entire weekends to make sure the entertainment of millions is as seamless as it can.

The marshals give up a full day to make sure all this is possible, and they do it with just their passion for Motorsport. There is no qualification needed to be a marshal, in fact as a marshal you get the best seat in the house!

If the idea still isn’t sold to you by now, then all I ask is that you either keep following this blog or sign up for a taster day here, and see what it is all about.


One thought on “A Life in Orange

  1. Looks good but you might want to reconsider the colour scheme. Green text on an orange background is not easy on the eye.


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