Currently entering my seventh season of Motorsport Marshalling, I decided to share what I love in this website, A Life In Orange. As a Sports Journalist, I decided to use this to share with everyone the great stories, racing, tracks and people that you can find in the Motorsport world.

Looking busy in Anglesey. (Paul Williams)

Normally a marshal in the North West, at the Cheshire racetrack, Oulton Park, or the Welsh coastal circuit of, Trac Mon, Anglesey. I am a firm believer that you have got to break the shackles of home comfort and visit tracks that are new, so Silverstone, Brands Hatch and Knockhill have all been ticked off my list but, i’m far from done yet.

I was introduced to the marshalling world, mainly to push cars, and I still do a lot of that now, but over the past seven years I have been involved in some pretty special events such as the Race of Remembrance ran by Mission Motorsport, Formula E, London e-prix and more recently the 6 hours of Silverstone.

If i’m not at the racetrack you will probably find me on the rugby pitch, trying to help my team, Orrell Rugby Union, go on to bigger and better things.

The great team at Formula-e
Whatever, i’m doing though i’ll always be talking about Motorsport in one form or another, and of you see me at the track you will see me with a notebook in hand to capture the best moments, except for when the track is live of course.

I would like to give a special thanks to both Paul William, and Heather Roberts. Without Paul’s sharpshooting, my articles wouldn’t look anywhere near as good as they do, and without Heather’s eagle eye to scan over, it would be a reader’s nightmare.

Hopefully we hear form you soon.

And finally, you can read about the Ride of Remembrance, yes I was one of the crazy six that took on the 231 mile bike ride from Mission Motorsport HQ, to Anglesey Circuit and i’m hoping there will be more charity events soon.

Hope you Enjoy reading A Life In Orange.

And if you want to contribute please get in touch.


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