Ride of Remembrance – We Did It!

When rolling down the old Pit Straight, around the final corner and onto the start-finish straight at Anglesey Circuit it was a surreal feeling for what had just been accomplished. Three days of riding a bike had finally come to an end and the most humbling sight awaited us. A packed pit wall cheering and [...]

Mission Update 5 – Houston We Are Clear for Lift Off.

With just five days to go before the big off, the training, weirdly, takes a backwards step as we started to dial down the sheer number of miles and hills we do in training. It's good to avoid stress and injuries before the ride otherwise, 231 miles in the saddle wouldn't be comfortable or enjoyable. [...]

CSCC and Mission Update 4 – A Longer Bike Ride

It was a rare weekend for me, normally when it gets to the middle of Autumn I rarely venture out to marshal due to rugby commitments, but this weekend I decided to pull on my orange overalls and head to Oulton Park for the last car meeting of the year. The meeting seemed to have [...]

Ride of Remembrance – Mission Update 3 – Dodgey Tyres and Punctured Knees

With less than four weeks to go before our Charity Bike Ride and we were out again at the weekend for another training ride. This weekend saw us take on a slightly longer route, although the majority of it was off road. The 40 mile route helped us to find the problems with our bikes [...]

Ride of Remembrance – Mission Update 2

Just five weeks until the big off on this epic charity bike ride and it felt like I took a slight backwards step, but after thinking about it, I can see how far we've come in the few months we have been training. I mean yes, we may have only covered a little over 18 [...]

Ride of Remembrance – The Route Recce!ย 

A few weeks ago Andrew, one of the riders in this charity event, and I took the opportunity of a rare free Sunday to check out the route for the upcoming Charity Marshals Mission Motorsport Ride of Remembrance. We made our way down to the Mission Motorsport Headquarters in Wantage which we found tucked away [...]

Ride of Remembrance: Mission Update 1

It seems ages ago that we first spoke about the epic mission, which is to cycle from Mission Motorsport HQ in Wantage to Anglesey Circuit, but in reality it is only a little over seven weeks ago. To put that into the grand scheme of things, our bike ride starts in just 14 weeks. 240 [...]