A Trip Across the Border

As a marshal who has only ever marshalled at Oulton Park, I leapt at the chance to marshal at the Super Touring Car Festival at Knockhill on 3rd and 4th June 2017. Racing would come from the Super Touring Cars, Legends, Minis, Formula Fords, and Fiestas to name a few. With 24 races over the [...]

Ride of Remembrance – Mission Update 3 – Dodgey Tyres and Punctured Knees

With less than four weeks to go before our Charity Bike Ride and we were out again at the weekend for another training ride. This weekend saw us take on a slightly longer route, although the majority of it was off road. The 40 mile route helped us to find the problems with our bikes [...]

Marshals ASSEMBLE – The Goodwood Revival

Thereโ€™s a side of marshalling most forget, however itโ€™s an integral part of British marshalling; Iโ€™m of course on about the assembly area. This blog will hopefully give you an insight of what it is like to work in this area at one of the biggest events in the country for a specialist marshal, the [...]