A Fun Day with the BRSCC

Last Saturday saw the Fun Cup roll into Oulton Park for their annual four hour race in the heart of the Cheshire Countryside. Having done the split six-hour race last year in Anglesey, where they run three hours in the afternoon before continuing the other half of the race after nightfall, I decided to give [...]

Ladies and Gentlemen….Start Your Engines.

With the 2017 season just around the corner, it's just three days away in fact, it's important that all the marshals get themselves trained ready for the new season, whether it's to make sure they're up to date with the latest rules or just to refresh themselves. So what makes the training days not only [...]

A Celebratory Weekend with Friends

Now, I know in the last blog I mentioned that I would have been going up to Blackpool and marshalling a rally however, university studies cropped up and of course you do have to focus on which is more important. One of the simple joys of marshalling; it is totally flexible around you, no one [...]

#4 – An Observation into the Unknown

As the legendary 'Don Hall' once saidย "They're observers, not Post Chiefs, as they are looking what else is happening, including what is going on, on the track".ย Whilst this is very much up for debate by lots of people in marshalling, but with the quote and the clue from last weeks blog, you can guess that [...]

BRSCC – Winter Meeting a Season Finale

It's said that every good story, every good film and every good act must come to an end. So as the sun set over Anglesey Circuit, I can safely say that the same can be said about a year of marshalling. The BRSCC Winter Meeting brought an end to my time on the bank for [...]

A Life in Red – A day with the Rescue Unit

When myself, Steve Land and Mark Noble were asked to write about the Rescue Unit to give people an idea of what it is and what we do, we first thought of how the two are inexorably linked as Rescue does not work or happen without Marshals or Marshalling. Why is this not #alifeinorange? It [...]