Marshal Journey: Track to Experienced

Following last year’s blog by Andrew Garrett on what it takes for a marshal to get from the Trainee grade to the Track grade, or White to Green as it is more commonly known, and since having recently upgraded myself in the marshalling world, I have decided to focus on what it takes to get … Continue reading Marshal Journey: Track to Experienced

Ladies and Gentlemen….Start Your Engines.

With the 2017 season just around the corner, it's just three days away in fact, it's important that all the marshals get themselves trained ready for the new season, whether it's to make sure they're up to date with the latest rules or just to refresh themselves. So what makes the training days not only … Continue reading Ladies and Gentlemen….Start Your Engines.

A Life in Red – A day with the Rescue Unit

When myself, Steve Land and Mark Noble were asked to write about the Rescue Unit to give people an idea of what it is and what we do, we first thought of how the two are inexorably linked as Rescue does not work or happen without Marshals or Marshalling. Why is this not #alifeinorange? It … Continue reading A Life in Red – A day with the Rescue Unit